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Monday, December 31, 2012

GingerBlurB v1.0 ROM for LG Optimus NET P690

ROM FOR LG Optimus P-690 By Team (ex TeamAD) GingerBlurB v1.0 Features:

  • New look you'll love
  • Rapid transitions
  • Support for Theme Chooser
  • Handsent SMS
  • Improved Audio
  • Theme room
  • ICS style settings
  • Similar to WP7 keyboard easier to use
  • Four types of Lockscreen



Download ROM: 

Download Audio Improvements: 

Download gapps: 
Download fix V1: CLICK HERE 

Download fix V2: 


Download fix ext: 

Download update: 


Wipe data / factory reset 
Wipe cache partition 
Wipe Dalvik cache 
wipe battery stats 
Flash Rom 
Flash fix V1 
V2 Flash fix 
fix ext Flash 
Flash audio improvement downloaded 
Flash gapps [OPTIONAL] Flash update Restart thanks for the TeamAD Development will deepss1 ROM and for giving me permission to post it here. rIminado For further information, the discussion of XDA ---> [ROM] [LG P-690] [Optimus Net / link] (02 / 06/2012) GingerBlurB (2.3.7) - xda-developers And the ROM to your blog ---> Team Optimus


  1. thanku thanku thank-you very much really... I loved this rom and its the best rom for optimus net....
    I read ur view somewhere while finding files that 5-6hundred people downloaded ur files by only 30-35 thanked and I just saying thanks now bcz this rom really deserves itt....
    my views before- I used 4.1 by I dnt use after that any Tom which donot provide me all the features like camera n. Bluetooth etc so I downloaded only 2.3 roms nd its the best.... bugs in other rom's are that in mms.apk I can't skip the line by enter and the enter key sends the msg... bloodyy shit.. and in touchwizz Rom the launcher is not good looking like not using android stinky feeling but rest is Good and I'm very happy with my new rom nd sorry for bad English nd if any spelling mistake bcz I didn't still set my settings nd automaticly words by dictionary. are selecting just stooped it nd came to say thanks alot gingerblurb rocks....


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